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Rubber and Elastomer Testing

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Automobiles and Components


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Biomedical Material Testing

Focus on Material Testing!


We are committed to the field of material testing. Years of experience in the field of material testing let us know how to meet customer needs, how to choose the most appropriate products, find the best balance between performance and price! The quality of your needs is guaranteed by our reliable team.



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We select each machine carefully for you. Ensure that each device provides the best data repeatability, reproducibility, accurate and reliable test results. Let you really focus on your products. We use our experience to save your time and meet the changing product flexibility needs with the industry.



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Be it extending the life of your investment, minimizing cost of ownership, minimizing downtime, developing your staff’s skills, realizing potential test accuracy, shortening test times, speeding your time to market, or testing new materials … we are ready with the services, tools, and trained staff to work with you to help achieve your objectives.


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Rubber and Elastomer Testing

Our extensive testing solution range from basic to high-end aplications in various fields of quality control as well as research and development of raw materials, polymers and rubber. Therefore our rubber testing instruments are either available in standard versions or can be built according to individual customer requests and requirements.
Sample Preparation

Before testing the rubber performance, first prepare the qualified test samples. In order to ensure the accuracy and comparability of test results, we need to use the standard instruments.

Dynamic Fatigue Testing

We offer a wide range of dynamic fatigue testing machines, with a flexible design and suitable for any testing requirements. The testing machines are designed with an extremely stable frame subjected to low deformations.

Rubber rheological properties

Rubber rheological properties refer to the viscous and elastic relation to temperature and shear rate and can reflect the rubber performance and phenomenon in the curing processing.

Performance Testing of Tire Products

How to distinguish the quality of tyres needs a high-precision tire tester to achieve. Our products cater to this demand and help tire manufacturers to continue to improve.

Physical Mechanical Performance

Rubber is always used under the action of external force,so it should have certain physical and mechanical properties.Such as tensile and tearing resistance.

Software System

With its extensive built-in features for instrument, test specification and sample management, our software solutions will generate, store and report on valid and traceable data to support your quality and laboratory processes.

Automobiles and Components Testing

Body Durability Test

Electric Drive Motor Test

Seat Fatigue Test

Shock Absorber Test

Stearing Gear Test


Dynamic Testing Machine

Robot System

Doors, Rear and Front Hoods

Biomedical Material Testing


We focus on the manufacture of physical and chemical testing instruments, especially tailor-made according to customer needs. Our products include various dynamic fatigue testing machines, torsion testing machines and so on.

Test Services

We test your implants during the development phase or for approval according to ASTM- or ISO standards - or following custom testing procedures adapted to the specific requirements of your medical device.

Customization Services

We have built up a network of highly qualified cooperation partners. This allows us to offer you all services, which you may need beginning with the development of your implant and ending with successful international regulatory approval (U.S. FDA, CE-mark, etc.).

Plastic Polymer Materials Testing

Laboratory Roll Mill

Laboratory Press

Melt Flow Indexer

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

Drop Weight Impact Testing Machine

Deflection Temp and Vicat Tester

Hardness Test

Universal Testing Machines


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